Monday, November 16, 2009

#2: Public Marriage Proposals

Last week some guy who works on "Ellen" proposed to his girlfriend, who also works on the show. Naturally, I had hoped she said no, she did not. First of all, I can't stand cutesy couples, or seeing people happy. Secondly, it's a bit douchey to bring such attention to yourself. This is Ellen's show! Ellen DeGeneres is a funny lady! I enjoy her show and I'm not even a 40 year-old white, house wife! No one cares about your future life and your future wife (rhyming!). I hate how people will pay thousands of moneys (that's a denomination, right?) to get a blimp or use a giant tv to proclaim their undying love for some girl. You're interrupting an entire baseball game to get on the local news and have 50 people around you go "Aaaaw" and clap. I guess I'm ok with proposals in a fancy restaurant, although, I haven't been in too many fancy restaurants in which proposals have been made. Fancy people would just clap politely and say "that was nice" and get back to eating their steaks and reading the New Yorker through their monocle. See, I like fancy people. but I hate Public Marriage Proposals.

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