Sunday, February 7, 2010

#4: Beatles covers

The Beatles are considered by many to be the greatest band of all time. I don't deny that, they are very good. I'm not fanatical about them. I do, however, respect them as a band. I also don't hate covers. They can be very well done, but they can also be awful. But recently commercials have been using Beatles covers as the soundtrack, and it's been just terrible. The Beatles were so inventive in their music and made something incredible with just about everything they did, but then the Jonas Brothers play "Hello, Goodbye" in a target ad, and some blackberry commercial has some band playing "All you need is love.*" I feel like Beatles songs should be viewed as precious in the music industry like Citizen Kane and The Godfather and never be remade.

*For the record, I hate this song. Mostly because of the lyrics.

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